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29 January 2018: Council awarded Community Safety Accreditation to tackle crime in the district

Rochford District Council  has been awarded with Community Safety Accreditation Scheme Powers (CSAS) by Essex Police which gives employees of the council targeted police powers to help tackle anti-social issues.

CSAS is a scheme under which chief constables can choose to accredit employed people already working in roles that contribute to maintaining and improving community safety with limited but targeted powers. Officers from Open Spaces, Woodlands, Transportation and Street Scene have been made accredited persons by District Commander Glen Westley and Inspector Andy Parkman of Essex Police.

After extensive training provided by the police, the chosen officers now have powers to issue fixed penalty notices on issues such as dog fouling, graffiti and fly-posting, littering and begging.

The Scheme provides the opportunity for Accredited Persons to act as the eyes and ears of the police and to gather relevant intelligence in order to combat crime.

Rochford District Council’s Portfolio Holder for the Environment Cllr Dave Sperring, says: “Having officers with this accreditation will provide great benefits for the district. It will mean that there is potential to reduce local issues such as dog fouling, graffiti and littering as well as promoting a positive partnership with the police force.

I anticipate that with these new powers, Accredited Officers will make a contribution to improving the quality of life for all residents and visitors to the district.”

Glen Westley, Rochford District Commander (Chief Inspector) says: “It is fantastic that Rochford District Council has become Community Safety Accredited and that their staff have received the accreditation training giving them low end policing powers. This will only help build on the great working relationship we already have and will help to provide even more support to deal with local issues."

23 January 2018: Free Exhibition Opportunity at the Rayleigh Windmill

Rochford District Council are offering local artists/voluntary community groups the opportunity to promote their work with free Exhibition space at the famous Rayleigh Windmill.

The award winning and historical landmark hosts a small museum as well as a self contained exhibition space on the 2nd floor.

The exhibition space will be on offer for approximately 4 weeks and the windmill will be hosting exhibitions on Wednesday, Saturdays and Sundays from June 2018.

The deadline for expressing an interest in this opportunity is 26th February 2018.

Cllr Mike Webb, Portfolio Holder for the Community says “The Windmill is a fantastic venue and in a great location. By making this free space available to them to endorse their art, we hope that this will be a great opportunity to get their name and work out there for the public to see.”

For more information and to express an interest please contact the Council’s Leisure team at or you can call 01702 318 120.

You can also visit Rayleigh Windmill’s Facebook page at: or Twitter page @Rayleigh_Mill

11 January 2018: We want your views

Rochford District Council are asking residents and business owners for their thoughts on how they might plan for the future of the district, and in particular whether they think the challenges and opportunities identified are the correct ones in developing the new Local Plan.

Rochford District Council’s Assistant Director for Planning, Matthew Thomas said: “We know our residents care about their area so we really want to know what their thoughts are.  Although the document is reasonably long, we would encourage you to submit comments on those elements of the draft plan that are of interest to you. This consultation is a great opportunity for you to be involved in shaping the future of your local area”.

The Council will be holding 4 public drop-in events where local residents and businesses can ask questions and find out more information. These will be held at:

Rayleigh WI Hall, Bellingham Lane, SS6 7ED: 3pm to 9pm on Monday 15 January 2018

Hockley Old Fire Station, Southend Road, SS5 4QH: 3pm to 9pm on Tuesday 16 January 2018  

Rochford Parish Rooms, West Street, SS4 1AS: 3pm to 9pm on Tuesday 6 February 2018  

Rayleigh WI Hall, Bellingham Lane, SS6 7ED: 3pm to 9pm on Monday 19 February 2018

Interested residents and businesses can get involved in the Issues and Options Document consultation until 5pm on 7 March 2018 – find out more at 

9th January 2018: Looking for Volunteers to work on a new ‘Well Homes’ scheme.

Rochford District Council and Rayleigh, Rochford and District Association for Voluntary Services (RRAVS) are teaming up to offer residents a new initiative, called Well Homes.

The joint scheme, is a new approach to supporting residents in private sector housing feel safer and healthier at home. The scheme is proposing to ‘ditch the hard hat and clip board’ and introduce trained Well Homes volunteers, to have a ‘conversation’ instead with residents. The conversation will help identify what support can be given, to reduce any home based hazards and help access a variety of other services.

Rochford District Council’s Assistant Director for Community and Housing, Louisa Moss said “Falls and excess cold are the District’s biggest housing hazards and as we begin to set up our new Well Homes scheme, we are looking for Well Homes volunteers to support us in delivering improvements to housing and health, for those vulnerable residents in private sector housing”

Victoria Marzouki, RRAVs said "This partnership is a great opportunity for volunteers to be trained and learn about a range of housing and health related services, with the added bonus of supporting residents in the private sector, to be healthy and happy in their own homes".

If you would like to know more about the volunteering opportunities please contact Victoria Marzouki at RRAVS on 01268 772796 or by email 

5th January 2018:  Council introduce new parking restrictions to ease local traffic problems

In order to reduce local traffic problems, Rochford District Council has requested that the South Essex Parking Partnership put in place new parking restrictions along Bradley Way and part of Southend Road in Rochford.

The scheme will provide a 24 hour Clearway which will prohibit stopping and/or parking on the carriageway, verge and footway at all times. However, there will be exemptions for deliveries to properties, utilities vehicles, public services vehicles and explanatory signage will be installed at regular intervals on the highway.

Marcus Hotten, Assistant Director Environmental Services, commented “Parking on Southend Road can cause severe traffic congestion in Rochford and the surrounding area. This initiative will help keep the road clear and will also prevent damage to the grass verges.”

The Traffic Regulation Order for the Clearway will be implemented in early 2018 and will be enforced by the South Essex Parking Partnership Officers.

4 January 2018 : Having a spring clean? Don’t bin your old stuff, Reuse and Recycle it!

Whether you are decluttering, or getting rid of unwanted presents after Christmas, there are lots of things you can do which will not mean throwing things away with your household waste.

The Rochford District are currently number 2 in the country for being the best recyclers so we have teamed up with Recycle for Essex to give residents even more  top tips on how to make sure your old belongings don’t go to waste.

Give it away to friends and family   Spread the love and pass items you no longer need to friends or family who might be able to make use of them.

Swap it for free!   Freegle ( and Freecycle are great for swapping many items. With 23 groups in Essex, there are lots of people who will want to      collect your unwanted items - saving you a trip to a busy recycling centre.

Donate it to Charity!   In Essex there is an extensive number of charity shops, all will accept clothing and many will accept bric-a-brac and other items.

There are also several reuse organisations across Essex which will reuse good quality items such as furniture, appliances and bicycles, why not try Hopeworx in Rayleigh, they will even collect your items.

Sell it!  There are many websites and apps such as ebay, shpock and gumtree, which make it easy for you to sell your unwanted items.

Rochford District Council’s Assistant Director of Environmental Services, Marcus Hotten said: “There are many easy ways to reuse a wide range of everyday household objects and prevent them from going into landfill.   Before throwing anything away, or even before you put it in the recycling bin think about how the item could be reused, selling an item on could even make you some money as well as being kinder to our environment ”.

To find out more about your local recycling scheme and tips on what to do with your waste visit 

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