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Wishing Well
Rochford Day Nursery
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Stambridge Primary
Waterman Primary
St. Teresa’s Primary
Rochford Life’s Schools Policy

The overall purpose of ‘Rochford Life’ is to bring the people and organisations of the community to the community.

Schools are an integral and vital part of the community, and so it is our desire, as a voluntary community Internet magazine, to serve the schools at no cost to them by supplementing their own web sites by pages of the magazine dedicated to each individual school on which we would hope to include the following:
   · Basic information about the school – name address, head teacher, telephone number, web-site link to the school,
   · Interviews with each head teacher and subsequently at regular intervals at their discretion, either with the head teachers and/or staff and/or governors on topics of their choice, preferably revealing the people, which they would possibly not feel comfortable sharing on their own sites,
   · Specific information the school might wish to be put up on a front page ‘Notice Board’ in the magazine, at 24 hours notice, of forthcoming events,
   · Reporting of any special events the school might wish us to include on their pages in the magazine,
   · Any other articles, information etc. the school may wish us to convey.

In each case the head teacher might wish to deal directly with the magazine or appoint a member of staff who is the first point of contact with the magazine’s editor, Tony Thomas.

Generally information will be added to the magazine on a daily basis.
CONTENTS Page for Stambridge Primary, on Rochford Life Magazine
St. Teresa's Primary in Rochford Life Community Magazine
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Rochford Primary
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Ashingdon Primary
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Holt Farm Junior
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Holt Farm Infants
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King Edmund
KES: A Nostalgic Visit in Rochford Life Community Magazine
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