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The Summer Competition 2017

As always it was a delight to be asked to judge the Summer Competition works of art - OK, how crazy is it that these lovely people ask a non-artist to judge the offerings of those who had done pieces during the summer holidays - and that for a third time! Gluttons for punishment! But it genuinely is a delight to visit this (or any other group that invites us) and get such a friendly welcome. Here they are.

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The winner is above left, second is above right and the third is to the left.  The runners up are the others below. Congratulations to all of you who submitted a piece of work.

We have tried to maintain rough size proportions for each piece of work

While we were there we wandered round the room at coffee break and noted (for posterity sake - so you can remind yourself what you were doing at this time) a number of the “works in progress around the room - see below.