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A light weight metal -  Aluminium

A calculating machine comprising balls on wires -   Abacus

A loan of money or to go forward -   Advance

A competitor in physical games competition - Athlete

To forestall or consider in advance - Anticipate

The tip, top or peak - Apex

Designer of buildings - Architect

State of being troubled or worried - Anxious

Boot of the car - Trunk

Rubbish bin - Trash Can

Sweets - Candy

Biscuits - Crackers

Autumn - Fall

Holiday - Vacation

Trainers - Sneakers

Chips - Fries  

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Fear of heights -  Acrophobia

Fear of open spaces - Agoraphobia    

Denies the existence of a deity -  Atheist

Doubts such an existence - Agnostic  

To inform - Advise

The information - Advice

 Acknowledgment       Acknowledgement  - Both!!!!!