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From September 2021 Rochford Life ceased to be a local directory.

We will continue to post our ‘Perspectives’ and some recreational pages - see to the right and below. Please also note:

- NO ADVERTISING - we are no longer carrying advertising

- NO UPGRADES - to all those uninformed would-be web-site helpers, we do not want your help, thank you - please do not e-mail us.



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With the coming of the Pandemic in 2020 we started a series of regular articles seeking to cover a variety of the aspects of life under the Pandemic:

Daily Perspectives Contents


The End of the Pandemic? (Mar 22)


Has Much Changed? (April 22)

‘Perspective’ items  added

In addition to the specific articles about the Pandemic, we also extended our ‘Seasonal Pages’ to record what was actually happening in the nation and locally during this time as follows:

 “What happened in 2020?”


What happened in  2021?”



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