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Businesses - Gary Linge - Carpenter
Interview with Gary Linge, Carpenter    (4th January 2011)
Rochford Life: How long have you been a carpenter?
Gary:   About ten years now.

RL: Tell us the sort of work you do?
Gary: Anything to do with carpentry, I take on joinery projects, working with main building contracts, extensions, loft conversions. I prefer to do things like kitchen fittings, staircases, second-fix carpentry, but I’ll take on any work.    

RL: So someone thinks they want some work doing, say, putting in a new staircase. What happens?
Gary: I’ll come along and survey it, size it up and then I’ll take it to the joinery company I use to manufacture it; it’s more cost effective that way and they have machines that can turn it out. And then I price it up for the client.

RL:  What about kitchens?
Gary: It depends what the customer is looking for. You will not be restricted with one company with me. I’ll fit the kitchen but the customer chooses any kitchen from any supplier they want. Obviously the suppliers I mainly use I can get a better discount and my joiner can actually produce kitchens as well. Obviously it depends on how much the client is willing to spend.

RL:  There are people that clients can check back with on your work?
Gary: Oh yes, for instance I’ve done a lot of work for my accountant and there are a lot of people who would be willing for people to go round and have a look at the work and see what I’ve done. We also have photos of work that I’ve done as well.

RL:  Where did you get your training from?
Gary: A company called Kilby and Gayford in Billericay. I did a lot of work in London with them, really high end jobs – the Institute of Civil Engineers, Universities and bank counter fittings. After I left them I kept getting called back by them as a sub-contractor but I gradually worked my way into my own work. I was working really hard up to Christmas and so it’s nice to have the break.  

RL:  Thank you very much Gary. May this new year be a great year for you.

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