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Interview with Bill Hierons of “All Natural Pest Control”(17th November 2010)

Rochford Life: Bill, I came across you by seeing a flyer in a shop and your flyer speaks of “All natural pest control”
Bill:  Yes, that’s right I don’t use poisons

RL: You have experience of pest control?
Bill: Yes, I’ve been doing it since I was young, doing favours for the farmers and getting rid of rabbits.   

RL: Your flyer again refers to the use of Hawks?
Bill: Yes, I have two Harris Hawks.   

RL: Your flyer also shows moles? How do you get rid of moles?
Bill: Oh simply by traps.  

RL: What about the notorious urban fox. How do you get rid of them?
Bill: Again a simple cage trap which is baited and when you catch the fox you can release it at a distance away in the countryside or even in a nature reserve somewhere.

RL: And rabbits?
Bill: Yet again cage traps.   

RL: So most of the pests you seek to use traps.
Bill: Yes, I prefer that to shooting and I don’t use poison.  

RL: If I had a problem with say rats, why would I come to you?
Bill: Probably because I would be a lot cheaper than elsewhere, and others might use poison which I wouldn’t use because it think it safer not.       

RL: You have ferrets as well?
Bill: Yes, I’ve got two.  

RL: Your flyer says, “Rodent and Vermin Control doesn’t have to damage your wallet.” How much are you likely to charge me if I came to you to get rid of squirrels, say?
Bill: I would probably charge you thirty to thirty five pounds and that’s it. It can be half up front and half when job done, or simply pay me after the job is done, when you can afford it.   

RL: Well OK, thanks Bill, I hope your enterprise pays off. Let us know how it goes.  

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