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01 October 2012

We’re looking for your Citizen of the Year!

Do you know someone from the Rochford District who’s made a huge difference to your community?
Have you ever thought to yourself “That person ought to get an award for what they do”?
If you have, then here’s your chance to nominate them for an award!

From helping out a neighbour, to tirelessly working in the community, the Chairman of Rochford District Council, Councillor Mrs Joan Mockford, wants to hear about those extraordinary people who, even though they may not seek it, truly deserve recognition in this year’s Rochford District Citizen of the Year Awards.

The Awards are presented by the Council to recognise and acknowledge individuals of all ages in the District for their valuable hard work or outstanding achievements. The Awards are designed to honour those who may not normally be recognised for their efforts.
Nominations are open to all, and will be considered by the Judging Panel who will select winners in the three categories. An overall winner will also be chosen from the three category winners.

The categories are:
 Young Citizen (under 18 Years)
 Charitable Support (All Age Groups)
 Community Spirit (All Age Groups)

The overall winner will be invited to attend the Annual Civic Dinner held in March, to be presented with their Award by the Chairman.

The Chairman of Rochford District Council, Councillor Mrs Joan Mockford, said: “I have had both the privilege and the pleasure of visiting a huge number of community and voluntary groups across the District during my year in office. What has struck me most about all of them is that they are all run by people who care deeply about the community they live in and are passionate about what they do. Equally I’m sure there are a number of people who live in the District who help out when they can, whether it’s fetching some shopping for an elderly neighbour or fundraising for local amenities like a skate ramp. The Citizen of the Year Awards are designed to recognise all those unsung heroes who do their bit to make a difference to the community. I’m looking forward to seeing your nominations!”

You can get a nomination form for the Citizen of the Year Award by calling 01702 318144 or emailing .

You can also nominate your Citizen of the Year online at .

The closing date for nominations is 4th February 2013.