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Ambers Pets and Homes Plus


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Talking with Amber Sverdloff of Ambers Pet’s & Homes Plus (4th January 2011)

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Having just talked with Amber about the Sunshack Tanning Salon, she showed us her card for another business she also runs, that involving the care of pets. Always wanting to encourage young enterprise, we agreed to include her business, because you’ll find her here in Rochford and she also serves Rochford.


RL: OK Amber, so you don’t only do the tanning business,  you also have this Pets and Homes Plus business?

Amber: Yes, this is my real passion. It’s for when people are at work or going on holiday or into hospital or for some reason can’t look after their own pets.  I can go in and take care of any pets in the home or do pet sitting or, for instance, if someone is going away and they want their animals to come and stay with me, if they don’t want me to just come and visit, I have a place in Shoebury with a nice garden that is all set up for animals, so if they wanted it, they can have the animals with me twenty four hours a day while they are away.   


RL: On your card you have a variety of creatures. Surely you don’t look after cockerels?

Amber: Oh yes,  I have looked after chickens and cockerels. You have a lot of people around here asking for that. And snakes! Oh yes; we have one lady and her whole lounge is filled with tanks where she keeps all her snakes. It’s only a once a week visit; that’s all they need. My web site has only got one page at the moment, because I’ve taken off the other pages because in the Spring we hope to do dog grooming as well and will put that on then.  


RL: You’ve mentioned chickens and cockerels and snakes. What else have you looked after?

Amber: Well it’s only been going a year and it’s been predominantly dogs – all sorts of dogs, Alsatians, Greyhounds, from the very big dogs right down to the smallest ones.  Yes, I have had chickens and also ducks, lots of rabbits that come and stay with me, or that I’ve visited in their own homes, lots of cats and then of course the smaller pets such as hamsters. But we do more than that if we’re asked. We put rubbish out, switch lights on so it looks like someone is at home. Even gardening if they want gardening done. It’s not just for people going on holiday, it might be people that are disabled or elderly.


RL: Do you do all this alone, for you have some fairly long opening hours here in the Tanning Salon?

Amber: No, I have help with the pets and also if I need it, I get help in here as well. In the long-term I’m hoping to get additional full-time staff in here to allow me more time with the pet side of the business.


RL: And if people want to talk to you about care for their pets, they can either ring on the number above, or come and talk to you here?

Amber: Yes, that’s right.


RL: Right, thank you very much.




Talking with Amber in February 2012


RL: Amber, we just wanted to check with you that you are still caring or pets?

Amber: Yes, I’m still caring for animals but it’s a little bit on the back burner at the moment. It did get really, really busy but I’ve just spent a few months studying dog grooming and I passed with flying colours.


RL: What does that involve?

Amber:  Well there are many different breeds and each breed has its own style and most people want their dogs to be in the style it should be. I went to Spain to do that for a one on one course where you get really intense training. They did offer me a position with them so I’ve kept contact with them but now I’m hoping to open up my own dog grooming parlour and I’ll be able to merge that with the pet-sitting as well  and have a bigger, more professional set-up, possibly in Eastwood.


RL: Well, that’s great. We’ll check by to see how that is progressing.  


(For those who think they know their dogs, see if you know what this one is, who was keeping Amber company when we dropped in.)