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Rochford Running Club
At the end of January 2013 Debbie informed us that Rochford Running Club was officially granted affiliation to ‘England Athletics’ the governing body for sport in England. She added, “It has been a long, difficult process and we are chuffed to have become affiliated.”  See

The other Thursday evening we dropped in to see how the club was doing as they gathered in their new meeting place in  the Rocheway Disability Centre and caught them just as they were checking their various running distances....  

What Affiliation means for Rochford Running Club

For those who might wonder what affiliation means, here are some of the benefits that Rochford Running Club can now receive:

-  Funding Programmes to benefit Affiliated clubs
- Continued provision of innovative and progressive competition programmes for athletes on a national level
- Continued provision of the club development investment programmes
- Athletics club & Road Running club flying visits Programme with free visits from top coaches being provided to your club to work with your athletes and coaches upon request.
- The England Athletics National Coach Development Programme and Local Coach Development Programme which enables coaches to share there skills and benefit from the input of specialist coaches in the area.
- Organisation of National and Area Coaches, Officials and Club Conferences held across the country throughout the year.
- Regular Publications, communications and information available through our web-site and documents so our partners and affiliated clubs to ensure people are aware of activity and the benefits to them.
- Organisation of an extensive coach, official and teacher education programme across the North, Midlands and SW, and Southern areas — Meeting your needs as clubs.
- Representative opportunities for England teams in major competition
- Insurance for the club and their members
Having a quick chat with some of them as they prepared to go out running on this cold but dry night, we had opportunity to pick up on the two extremes of the runners there - the ‘Improvers’ and the ‘Endurance Runners’ (Sorry we missed those of you in the middle group but we appreciate you  were being called out to run!). So to challenge all of us ‘couch potatoes, here are....      
The ‘Improvers’ - who tonight (from left to right) were...
... Bailey, who was there for the first time...
... Lynette, who has been running since last Summer and is training to be a coach, and ran the Southend 10K last year...  
... Keely, has also been running only since last Summer and is also doing coaching training....
... Grace who has been running since last October and says 4 miles is her limit so far....
... Lisa who has been running since last September and has run 12K
The ‘Endurance Runners’  who tonight (left to right) were...

... Paul (46) and Darren (44) [We mention the ages in case there is anyone excusing themselves on the grounds of age!!!!]
... who emphasise that they run all distances, including marathons.
However, last weekend they ran in the trail running/cross country ‘Pilgrim  Challenge’ which is 33 miles along the North Downs Way, sleeping in a school at the end with the others, and then ran back the next day! They then “had Monday off” but were back here on Tuesday night running. Darren acknowledged that he may run 5 or 6 times a week.
Now it is possible, especially after hearing about the stuff that Paul and Darren do, there may be some of our readers who think you have to be stark, staring mad to venture out on this sort of thing.

However, there will be others of you who see the tag on the adjacent flyer - “Couch potato to 3 miles in 12 weeks” and see that there is potential here for a complete change to a healthy lifestyle. So, even if you’ve never run before, read what Debbie and Jacqui say in their original interview and who knows, April 8th could be the new start you’ve been looking for.