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27 November 2012

Council receives £600,000 grant from the Government

Rochford District Council has been awarded a grant of more than £500,000 from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) to help further improve our recycling scheme for residents who live in flats.

The grant from central government is part of the Weekly Collection Support Scheme (WCSS) and totals £600,000 over three years.

This year the Council will receive £300,000 which will pay for the resources needed to introduce weekly collections of general waste for residents who live in flats in the District. Residents will be notified before these changes take effect.

The collection of dry recyclables will continue to be provided on a fortnightly basis and the collection arrangements for all other properties will be unaffected.

Two additional collection vehicles and new bins will be purchased in the first year and subsequently the funding will be used to maintain the vehicles and to provide the extra crews.

The DCLG introduced the WCSS last year to encourage local authorities to take up weekly collections of refuse. £250m was made available for local authorities across the country to apply for. In total 90 projects were successful including Rochford’s application for £600,000.

Rochford District Council’s Portfolio Holder for the Environment, Councillor Mike Steptoe, said: “Given the current climate surrounding local authority finances, we have had to think innovatively about how we can continue to improve services for our residents in a cost-effective way. Having rolled out our successful recycling scheme to flats across the District recently, we are consistently looking at ways that we can encourage our residents to make a difference to their environment. As our residents are the top recyclers in the East of England, recycling more than two thirds of our waste we want to improve the service further in any way we can.  I’d like to thank the team who worked on this bid and say thank you to the Department for Communities and Local Government for considering us for a grant. I hope that the resources it will pay for will continue to benefit our communities over the coming years.”