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Review Article of the Month - October 2012
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October Review:  Nine-fold Church Experience
“All things bright and beautiful...”

Now where have I heard that before? Was it at a Harvest Festival? Might it have been in a church? Of all the ‘reviews’ we have attempted over the past year, I think this one is probably the most difficult to approach. Why? Because it possibly has the greatest potential to offend. If we try and describe different local churches we are bound to say something or even not say something that will cause offence.  It shouldn’t be like that with church surely, but it often seems it is.
Already we’ve been asked, “Why haven’t you covered X church on Rochford Life?” and the answer to that is that, despite asking, often more than a few times, the occasional leader has declined speaking to us and we respect whatever they say. We may not understand it, but we respect it. So, having had the idea, we’re going to stick with it! So here are the churches of Rochford and we’ll even try and cover, in some measure at least, those who don’t have anything on their page with us. (‘All publicity is good publicity’ the advertising industry says.)