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Review Article of the Month - November 2012
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November Review:  Variety is the Spice of Life

When a new month comes round and we ponder what next to cast our eyes over in these review pages, we let it rumble around in the back of the mind for a week or two and see what surfaces. This month it seemed so simple - people, just people.
Now the danger of this is that we might embarrass some of you while at the same time upsetting others by not mentioning you. Well, apologies in both cases but that didn’t seem enough to put us off doing it!
There appears this northern saying (sorry if I now upset northerners), “There’s nowt so strange as folk.” Well that may be true but, actually, while we’ve been working on Rochford Life these past two years, we would change that to, “There’s nowt so nice as folk.”   Yes, OK, we all have bad days and the truth is that on bad days none of us shows up well, but all we can say is that our experience, going round Rochford and Ashingdon, is that there must be a lot of ‘good days’ because the vast majority of people around town have welcomed us and been really friendly (which upsets that other assumption that southerners are not friendly, and certainly not so friendly as northerners. There I go again, treading on toes. Oooops!). Rochford, you are great!