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Planning the first Farmers’ Market at Rochford Primary School

The Thinking behind the Rochford Primary School Farmers’ Market

In a recent conversation between us and head teacher, Andy Howe, he explained some of the thinking behind the new Farmers’ Market being held once a month in the school:

“There’s been a lot of upheaval as the school’s senior staff all left in the last 18 months and new leaders such as myself have come in. We’ve been through a has been a difficult but exciting time. Now we are making real improvement and raising standards.”

“As far as the community side is concerned I’m very interested in developing that, from all sorts of different directions. For example, we’ve changed the curriculum since I’ve been here; we bought in a thing called the International Primary Curriculum and the focus there is on a more integrated approach, a more topic based approach to learning .... we’ve also done it to raise the children’s awareness of the wider world... Ofsted in recent years has highlighted a thing called community cohesion, which focuses on considering the world, locally and further afield, that our children will grow up in. So we want to tap in to what is in the local community, as a resource and as a meeting point.”

“For example, with this Farmers’ Market idea, the PTA really want to develop what we can do here as a community resource for Rochford.  One of the members suggested that we might use the premises to benefit the community as well as highlight our profile.”

“The Farmers’ Market is something the PTA want to do once a month. They will use the hall and the outdoor facilities for stalls from a variety of local businesses.... If we can support these local businesses it can also enhance what we are doing. It is an indication of how we want to develop community relationships.”

What an excellent idea, bringing school, learning, community and businesses together!  We’ll hear more about this from the Head in the weeks to come. Watch this space!

So what you will find there

The stalls  at the Market will include:

· Chillichutneyman - Chillis & Chutneys.
· Country Stores - Sausage rolls, rolls, cakes by the slice.
· Woodford Meats - Pork & Beef, bacon & sausages.
· Buskins Farm Shop - Potatoes, eggs, vegetables & jams, Honey.
· Four Acres Nursery – Plants.
· Cheese (including Goats Cheese).
· Home Fayre Ltd - Meat Pies, Whole cakes, Crumbles.
· Just Like Mummy - Pamper parties, girlie bits and pieces.
· Made By Me - Make your own jewellery.
· Phoenix Cards - Greeting cards & wrapping paper.
· Elixirs of Life - soaps & lotions.
· JanetLayland - Dog beds, toys etc.
· The Warehouse Centre - Promoting their centre (MegaPlay, MegaZone etc)

So remember,   Saturday 26th March, Rochford Primary School,   9.30am - 2.30pm

See you there?

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