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Silver Surfer Articles
39. Living with Limitations

For us Silver Surfers life takes on new turns, some of which we expect, and others which creep up on us. We arrive at retirement and many of us wonder why. Why should I give up work when I’m just as able as I was and I am a fount of knowledge and experience? There is the difficulty, we ARE a fount of knowledge and experience but unfortunately some of that knowledge is rapidly being superceded by new knowledge and as great as my experience is, it doesn’t count for much in a world where youth, vibrancy and all-out demands are made. Coping with these changes is often difficult. For some of us we’re glad retirement has come; we were aware that it was becoming a struggle to maintain the demanded pace at work. But there is an even bigger difficulty which most of us struggle with in some degree or another - that of becoming more limited in our capabilities.