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Silver Surfer Articles
40. Saying what you mean?

Remember this is a page for Silver Surfers. If you are younger, please go away; we’re going to be talking about things over which you might make fun of us. I refer to that difficulty that crops up with those of us of more mature years of not being able to find the right words. Now this isn’t just a matter of memory but like memory it can be very much linked to tiredness, and when you get older you find that that you get tired more quickly. Let’s have a meander around the stumbling attempts we sometimes make to communicate with one another.

I know we’ve dealt with this in earlier articles on memory, but it bears repeating: I don’t think we can over-emphasise enough this thing about tiredness and health in respect of failing memory, because I am aware there are times of the day when my mind is sharp and crisp and if I’m doing a crossword, words come to mind very easily. Later in the day perhaps (or even after a bad night’s sleep - and that is a subject in its own right!) there are times when I’m talking with someone and can I remember names I want to recall? No!