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“Tea ’n Toast” @ St. Marks Hall
Tea and Toast?  (6th October 2010)
A brief interview with Tracy Green who runs this group at St. Marks Hall on Friday mornings

Rochford Life: Tracy, tell us a little bit about this group that you have here.
Tracy: Tea and Toast has been running for about two and a half years and our aim is to get the local people of Rochford to, hopefully, develop friendships, to know their neighbours and to be supported by us as a group.   

RL: So how do you do that?
Tracy: Well, we meet here at St. Marks Hall every Friday morning regularly, including holidays, throughout the year. We open up at a quarter past nine and continue until 11.30am. Basically we have tea or coffee and simple breakfasts, such as spreads on toast etc., unlimited tea throughout the morning, and chat with the mums – and dads if they want to come along – and generally enjoy each other’s company. It’s a time of getting to know people and relaxing together in an informal atmosphere where friendships develop over time. Occasionally we do trips out and can spend time with the rest of people’s families so we get to know them as well.

RL: Is this a big group? What are your average numbers?
Tracy: The average is probably about eleven people but it does go up to about eighteen occasionally. People can turn up any time they like after we open. We charge 50p but that includes unlimited tea or coffee and of course their breakfast as well.

RL: Do you run this on your own?
Tracy: No, I’m partners with Ann who is also always here.  We’re a very relaxed and friendly group and everyone is welcome,

RL: Thank you very much
Ann & Tracy