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A “Miscellaneous” Page
A “Miscellaneous” Page
Two Lancs & a Vulcan
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Side by side for the first – and probably last - time

The last two airworthy World War II Lancaster Bombers – plus a Vulcan  22/8/14

London Southend Airport was the site of a very special reunion today (Friday 22 August 2014), as the final two Avro Lancaster Bombers that are still able to fly met for the first – and probably the last – time.

The UK based plane (named Thumper) was joined by the other craft that has made the once in a lifetime journey over from Canada (called Vera) especially for a series of events undertaken by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. This weekend they are appearing at the Clacton Airshow.


The two Second World War four-engined heavy bombers used by the RAF on countless successful air raids were joined for a very special photo by the much loved Avro Vulcan XL426, which lives at London Southend Airport all year round.


The Vulcan is in full ground working condition, but not airworthy, so was towed across London Southend Airport to join the Lancaster’s for this unique photo opportunity – probably the only time these aircraft will ever be together.


PHOTO – L to R, Canadian Avro Lancaster (Vera), Vulcan, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’s Avro Lancaster (Thumper) and pilots at London Southend Airport.     © Martin Patch Photography