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Urban Dance

Urban Dance, run by Victoria Allen, meets in
The Rochford Methodist Hall, North Street,
Wednesdays & Fridays
(see timetable on right)
Urban Dance is an established family oriented dance school in Rochford. At Urban Dance we believe that a child who dances is a happy child. If you put your mind, soul and body into anything, you can succeed and at Urban Dance we would help you to reach your full potential. Encouragement, passion and love is all you need.
Urban Dance specialises in Contemporary, Street and tap. Our classes run weekly and throughout the year. At Urban Dance we provide a perfect environment that is safe, secure and fun. Our engaging children’s classes are based on fun, fitness, learning new skills and making new friends. We help children build friendships and confidence.
Our team are highly trained and skilled teachers who love working with children. We cater to the needs of each individual child and believe that every child needs their own time to shine.
We aim to provide love for every child, giving them one to one attention in every lesson. Helping build confidence and technique, no matter what their abilities.


5-7pm- Senior Contemporary
4-5pm Junior Contemporary
4-5pm - Junior Street (to start soon)
5-6pm - Senior Street
6-7pm - Senior Tap
7-8pm - Adult Tap

Junior- 5-12 years
Senior 13-18 years
Adult 18+
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