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Wise Summer Recycling

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The District Council often produce wise counsel and here is one of their press releases to do with wise summer recycling


As many of us go on holiday, attend festivals and host summer barbeques we need to remember to find ways to recycle outdoors too. UK recycling saves more than 18 million tonnes of carbon emissions a year – the same as taking 5 million cars off the road. In the Rochford District we recycle around 70% of household waste but we can all do more; here are our top tips for recycling this summer:


Greener barbecues – Around 100 million barbeques take place each year in the UK, meaning that there are plenty of empty cans, bottles, boxes and other types of waste that could be recycled. You can avoid wasting food by cooking only enough for the number of people attending. For great food tips, recipes, portioning, storage and money-saving advice visit


Perfect picnic – when going for a picnic use reusable crockery rather than disposable knives and forks and paper plates. Freezing water overnight in plastic drinks bottles can keep your picnic food chilled for longer. Try and bring your recycling home with you instead of using a local rubbish bin; recycling just one more food tin would save enough energy to run a TV for three hours!


Green party – If you’re having a party be sure to put out clearly labelled recycling containers for items including food waste. Your guests will surely follow your lead and sort their own recycling.


Clever camping – re-use probiotic yoghurt drink bottles when camping. Fill one with washing up liquid, another with cooking oil, shower gel - the list goes on. Many campsites now have recycling bins so remember to use them. Think ahead - if you're spending the day somewhere that you know won't provide recycling opportunities pack a bag – every can counts!


Unusual items – empty metal bug spray cans, sunscreen bottles and rinsed out takeaway foil tins can all be recycled in your kerbside collection.


Eco friendly festivals –remember to take advantage of the facilities on offer for recycling bottles and cans. Many festivals offer ‘eco cups’, where you get a small deposit back when you return your empty cup. Look around for recycling bins, and ask the person or company in charge if you don't see any, or write to the organisers after the event to request changes for next year.


Remembering to recycle while away from home is important. Think about what you can do to help while enjoying your summer celebrations, holidays, and travels.


For more information about our recycling scheme or tips on being green please visit