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We believe the Rochford Art Trail 2015 is an excellent opportunity for every one of us to enjoy the wide variety of artistic creations that our local artists produce and our  local Rochford shopkeepers display. We offer our thanks to both groups. We hope to interview and present here a number of the new artists and a few of the regular artists of the Rochford Trail, in brief cameos to catch a little insight into the world of the artist, as well as covering each of the venues, the artists and their work.

The 2015 Rochford Trail started Thursday 17th September & finished on Saturday 26th September

Art Trail 2013

Art Trail 2014             

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Preamble to Postscript

1. Introduction & Contents

2. Trail Participants & Map

3. Countdown to the Trail: Kerry

4. Fear of the First Time: Ann Bacon

5. Appreciating Art

6. Newcomer Gill Whitehead

7. Newcomer Lois Maulkin

8. Roche Art Group Prepares

9. Newcomer Karen Wilcox

10. Newcomer Mark Miles

11. Newcomer Graham Eva

12. Pre-Trail Market (1)

13. Pre-Trail Market (2)

14. Newcomer Johnathan Oliff

15. Newcomer Dave Gilmore

16. And so it begins

17.A Regular: Liam O’Herlihy

18. A Regular: Beverley Folkard

Participants & Places

(During the Trail)

20. Who is where, & contacts

21. Haven Exhibition - first Saturday

22. The Pavilion: Cara Ayers

23. The Pavilion: Keith Gravestocvk

24. Venue 1 (1)

25. Venue 1 (2)

26. Venue 2 to 7

27. Venues 8 to 13

28. Venues 13 to 16

29. Venues 17 to 24 (excl.22)

30. venue 22

31. Roche Art Group Exhibition


After the Trail finishes, if you wis to see more of the work of the artists or make contact with them, please go to PAGE 20 and use the contact links there.

To check venue numbers against artists, CLICK HERE