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London Southend Airport
3. The Future
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Looking to the Future (December 2012)

Without a doubt, and quite unashamedly, the present airport is ‘a work in progress’. The signs say it, the pictures say it and the heavy equipment says it..

At the present time the Terminal extension is under way and optimistic hopes are that the shell will be watertight by next March with the rest following on rapidly. As the airport web-site says, “The Phase 2 extension is to ensure that high standards of service are not compromised as passenger numbers grow towards 2 million per year by 2020.” That’s the target - numbers and quality of service. Let’s tell it by pictures.

Here is the picture of the brave new day for ‘London Southend’, a transformation from the days of decline back in the 70’s, a day when there will be two million passengers passing through each year, a day when the extended terminal is processing people as fast as it can through to car park and station.

Questions for the future?
- A mundane one first of all - will there be a viewing gallery (please!)?
- Where will all the flights go to? Will Scotland (and Wales for that matter) become linked in?
- And how about a taxi flights to London’s Heathrow and Gatwick?

Wow! Dream on!
The building site the other side of the hoarding tells the story of the future when a wide open space (or walkway) will link both parts of the extended terminal to the futuristic new station

For all this, there is no sense of being on a builders site and the future is rapidly being rolled out right next door to us. Anyone to a flight to Japan?  Who said, “Dream on”?  

Meanwhile the life of the airport and its businesses continue to expand and it may be worthwhile remembering the RDC policy statement:

The Council will support the development potential of London Southend Airport as a catalyst for economic growth and employment generation.

The Council will work with Southend on Sea Borough Council to prepare a Joint Area Action Plan for London Southend Airport and environs and will work with partners to see the airport's economic potential realised, whilst having regard to local amenity and environmental issues. The Joint Area Action Plan will enable the Council to regulate the operation of the airport through balancing noise and environmental issues with residential amenity.

The Council will support the development of a skills training academy around the airport to provide training to increase and enhance aviation-related skills in the local area and to meet local employment needs.

Expansion of employment land to the north of the airport for the development of non aviation-related industries will be supported to increase local employment opportunities within the District.

Wait, watch and see how this will be worked out.

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Quote from an earlier Airport News Bulletin:
Passengers flying out from the airport will wait for a maximum of four-minutes for security, whilst those arriving with just hand luggage can expect to travel from plane to train within 15 minutes of leaving the aircraft.
This Phase 2 extension is to ensure those high standards of service are not compromised as passenger numbers grow towards 2 million per year by 2020.
The terminal building will now become 90 metres longer. The number of check in desks / baggage drop off points will increase, as will the amount of security screening channels. The Departure Lounge will grow in size to enhance the experience for passengers relaxing and awaiting boarding after security. A larger Arrivals area will have enhanced baggage reclaim facilities and a larger immigration area. Retail and catering facilities will be expanded throughout the terminal in order to provide a much wider range of shops and services available to passengers.