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Spring Burglary Alert
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NW have recently passed the following on to us (9/2/12):

Since 1st April 2011, Police have recorded 85 incidents of Burglary and Attempted Burglary in Rayleigh.
In approximately 50% of those, jewellery has been the main item stolen.
It is no longer wise or sufficient to leave items in a jewellery box in a bedroom as this is the first place the burglar will look.
We strongly advise the use of a safe and burglar alarm.
Record photos and details about your jewellery and other valuables on
In the few burglaries where an alarm was in operation - the burglar fled empty handed.
Consider 'Crimestoppers' property marking fluid - the new way to postcode your property.

Putting this into perspective for the last 10 months, on average, that is 8.5 burglaries a month, less than 2.5 a week.
It does also mean another 17 houses are statistically likely to be the target of burglary before the end of the Fiscal year.

NB: This is only the Rayleigh area. However a similar theme is apparent across the whole District.

lease pass this on to your neighbours and friends