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The fact that this is an Internet magazine means computing is of particular interest to us and, we suspect, you too. For the first six months of the life of Rochford Life we added computing articles on a fortnightly basis, but found a certain amount of repetition occurring. Instead, from time to, only when something special crops up, we will add it on this page. When we receive particular comments about how helpful an article has been, we will add it to the Contents list on the right as permanently available.

So how have we decided what to include on the permanent pages? Partly by your comments. We’ve had thanks for providing the computing language pages and the Safety Rules for Kids are excellent, as was Will Taylor’s talk about Facebook and Twitter. The other stuff on Formats and Memory, were odds and ends that we hope you’ll find useful. ‘Dangers’ is just easy reading about the dangerous times in which we live. Happy reading.
The World of Computing
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