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Welcome to our pages on “Growing Stuff” We try to provide material here particularly for those who are beginners or not sure what to do. The sort of things you’ll find here are, therefore, fairly simple and basic. If you want detail and volume, we assume you’ll be buying a monthly gardening magazine. We just nudge with ideas and hope to encourage you to think about what more you can do with your garden - especially if you’re not yet a gardener!  

Originally we had a fortnightly gardening page but concluded that if you are a keen gardener already you probably take a Gardening magazine where every month you’ll find extensive information.

We’re not a gardening magazine and so these pages are just ‘help sheets’ for those who wouldn’t buy one of the magazines but would like a bit of encouragement along the way with that patch that the Americans call their ‘yard’ and we like to call our garden.

We will be adding more and more when we have time, and you’ll see these go far beyond just growing things. We hope you find these pages both entertaining and useful. Enjoy!

Incidentally, the links to other web sites that you can see on the left of this page will take you to a lot of very helpful information and they are all very worthwhile to look at.
Growing Stuff - front page


‘Growing Stuff’ Articles


0. A Mind to Grow Something


1. Growing on the Cheap


2. Composting


3. Beware Frosts


4. Birds in the Garden


5. Encouraging Garden Wildlife


6. Preparing your Garden


7. Planning your Garden (i)


8. Planning your Garden (ii)


9. Projects for your Garden


10. Ponds & Water Features


11. Gentle Art of Pruning


12. Learning to Live with Rain


13. Ten Things I’ve Learnt as an Amateur Gardener


14. Going to Pot


15. A Man for all Seasons


16. Soggy, Scruffy & Sad





The Joy of Summer Flowers