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Hilary Hunter 
Pet Food Specialist

Hilary Hunter  

5 Willow Walk, Canewdon,

Rochford, Essex, SS4 3QH

 Tel. 01702 257179  / Mob. 07772 161 748



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Hilary originally wrote,
"Are you as concerned as I am about what is in the food that you feed your Dog, but equally confused when trying to understand the ingredients listed on the Packaging?

With the supposedly regulated human food industry currently under scrutiny, and growing concerns about what is in the food we eat ourselves, the less regulated pet food industry could also be an area of concern for many pet owners. As recalls of products become a regular occurrence, news spreads of toxic toys and contaminated cartons sold by global brands importing from countries around the world.

Are you as perplexed by the ever-expanding range of food on offer for our furry friends, confused by the small print on the labels, all claiming to be the best on the shelf? Are you a slave to a fussy eater, awash with products to combat a sensitive skin or worried about the regularity of your pet's stomach upset? Many pets develop similar disorders to humans, being sensitive to some ingredients, or become obese on the equivalent of a fast food diet! Just as for us humans, a healthy diet and lifestyle for your pet can save on trips to the health centre and contribute to a long and active life at our side.

As a lifelong animal lover and pet owner, I became interested in the world of pet food through my own little Cairn Terrier, Ellie, and my 'rescued' cats, Max and Hazel. What I learnt about this trade caused me great concern and I realised that many of our beloved pets could be happier and healthier if we understood what we were feeding them. Unfortunately Big Brand marketing can often be misleading, with attractive packaging and expensive advertising which do not really serve us well and may confuse us in our choices.

I have recently become the local SS-Postcode distributor for Kibbles Mill pet foods and I am offering free dog food advice and a free home delivery service and would be happy to discuss your dog's diet and health to help you understand what the label on the bag tells us is in the food you feed your dog.

Should you like what I have to say (and your pet likes the food I can supply), I should be happy to save you from running out of dog food, having to drive all the way to the store, struggle to find a parking space, wrestle with heavy bags from the store to the car and then, having driven all the way home again, struggle again from the car to your food store. Wouldn't it be simpler just to have a regular call from me and have the food delivered to exactly where you want it, when you need it? Guaranteed!

Kibbles Mill food is top quality, similar to what the vet might sell you, and it is manufactured with human grade, locally-sourced ingredients, in a British mill. It comes fresh from this state-of-the-art mill to me, without lengthy transport, warehousing or stockpiling, to deliver locally to my friends and their pets. This saves them money and the hassle of having to go out for the food and gives their pets the premium nutrition that they deserve and need.

If you would like to discuss your requirements as an owner, or breeder, your dog's diet and how I can help you to keep your dog healthy and save you both time and money, then please give me a call on 01702 257 179. I look forward to a good of doggy chat with you soon.
A Dog’s Life has never been better!

We asked Hilary to dot some ‘I’s and cross some ‘T’s of the business for us:

Rochford Life: You deliver to the SS-postcode area. How far does that take you?
Hillary: It goes as far as say to Grays, Wickford, Basildon, the whole area really.

RL: Do you keep in stock everything in the catalogue and how soon will it come?
H: Yes, I do and I can deliver the next day or within a couple of days. It helps people stop worrying about running out and when to buy the food and just makes it convenient for them. One day I may get to delivering in one place on say Monday, another place on Tuesday and so on, but while I’m building up I’ll deliver whenever the need arises to stop people running out.

RL: And this is purely quality dog food?.
H: Yes, I focus on dog food but I can supply cat, fish and rabbit food, but that tends to be smaller packs and doesn’t make it worthwhile for individual deliveries, but if someone is ordering dog food I can supply the others with it as well.

RL: This is quality food, upper end of the market so it is going to be expensive?
H: It compares very well with other brands at that end of the scale and, in fact, a lady was telling me that because of the quality of the food, her dog felt less hungry after a meal and was eating less quantity as a result and so it was not working out more expensive than the cheaper foods that tend to be poorer quality and not so nutritious.

RL: So if I became a dog owner you would be able to advise me on the best food for my particular animal.
H: That’s right. The leaflet shows nineteen different products, but it will depend on age - a puppy or an older dog, size - bigger dogs can have joint problems, what the dog has previously been eating and what it gets on with and even what it is allergic to. You want a balanced food and it’s about getting the right nutrition that promotes health, provides oil for their skin, and something to give their coat a nice shine. All these things should be taken into account. A healthy dog means less bills at the clinic and it starts with the dog’s food. Below are some examples from the leaflet. The web-site link provides full details of products.

Now trading as

Ellie's Pet Emporium


Since originally setting up this page Hilary has extended her provision and you should be able to find out more by using the following: (being developed)

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