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PAGE SIX	 - Sending Christmas Cards
Laughter Corner
Here is a psychological approach that purports to describe the thinking or behaviour behind certain sorts of cards – but don’t take it too seriously please!   

Card unsigned – I’m sorry I was in so much of a rush – anyway you’d only get my signature so it doesn’t matter too much – you can guess who I am by the writing on the envelope – but perhaps I’d prefer you didn’t guess anyway in the light of what I’ve just said!

Card arrives late – OK, I missed you off my original list and only remembered you when your card arrived but, hey, I’ve sent you one now so it’s all right isn’t it. Isn’t it?

Card with A4 newsletter enclosed – we really are the most interesting people on earth and I bet you can’t match our holidays and our children are clearly more wonderful than yours. You have children?

Charity Card – I’m quietly letting you know that we care about the needs of others and hope you’re feeling slightly bad about not doing the same.

Card with robin on – sorry you were at the bottom of our list and this was the last one in the box, but at least we sent you a card.

Very traditional picture of Madonna and Child – Christmas is serious stuff and you ought to think about its meaning like we do.

Religious Icon and spiritual sounding words – we ARE spiritual. Shame about you!

Snowy Scene – not quite sure what to think about Christmas but this is safe.  

Family Photo and our own printed card – we know you can’t remember what we look like so....

Fizzy home-made card – I’m fed up spending money on cards and this how creative and caring I am. OK, honesty compels me to confess we didn’t want to spend money on you.

The Corporate Card – this is your rich and successful relatives here. Hope you lesser beings aren’t put off. Do feel free to send your usual cheaper ones. We still love you.

The Corporate Card (2) – sorry who are you? ... I’ve just got your name on my list.

The Corporate Card (3) – just to continue to remind you to come and buy from us next year.

Animal Picture Christmas Card – our pets are the most important thing in life. We know they don’t say anything about Christmas but a pet isn’t just for Christmas is it?

Card with long hand-written message – we don’t have a computer and this really shows we care about you, having taken so much time to write all this.

Envelope with no card inside – go back to beginning and see ‘Card Unsigned’ – this one stage further on – but we were trying to think about you – really we were!

No card and no envelope – (conversation next year) – did you like our multipurpose card? You didn’t get it? I don’t know what the Post Office is coming to these days. It’s not the Post Office? Well you know what I mean.

E-mail card – this is the cheapest I can do that still is actually sending you something.

E-mail card with 5000 word personal history of our last year – beat this!