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Becoming a Learner - Introduction Page
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1. These pages are another help series for anyone who lacks confidence with respect to learning.
We’ll open this up a lot in the following pages but these are for you if you don’t have confidence in yourself when it comes to learning - and there a lot of us who are like this.

2. These pages seek, in the Part 1 especially, to take you systematically to a place where you feel you could become a learner. i.e. they aim to help you change your way of thinking about yourself. For more general help with self-esteem you might want to go to our Life Coaching  pages. These present pages are all specifically about learning.
3. In the Part 2 there are specific topic pages and these are for anyone who is embarking on a learning project.  Many of them are very simple in what they suggest, but we have sought to cover things that are so often taken for granted and forgotten. Therefore, don’t despise them for their simplicity; check that you’ve taken it all on board.
Introduction to Part 1: The Right Frame of Mind

Recently I saw the following quote about a well know football player who had been suffering personal difficulties in his life: “John has told me he is in the right frame of mind to play...” which means, of course, he’s changed his way of thinking and has therefore got on top of his difficulties and can now focus on the job in hand.

Before we move into details of learning, this first part helps us ‘get in the right frame of mind’, to work on having a right attitude to be learners.

If you have acknowledged that you lack confidence in your learning abilities, these pages seek to change that, in order that you may then tackle the specific topic pages that follow.

We hope you find them easy and enjoyable reading.

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Before you start on these pages there are one or two things we want to emphasise: