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Winter 2011 Newsletter
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Issue 41 –Winter 2011

THANK YOU – We wish to record our thanks to the Rosca Trust who have generously agreed to sponsor our newsletters for 2011  


Covering the area of  Rochford District Council

Best Wishes from the Neighbourhood Watch team: Mike Hooper, Michael Bubel, Bill Coulson,John Metcalfe, Debbie Agambar, Ruth Tress

Please contact us by using the above number.  Our office is staffed from 10.00 am – 12.00 am each weekday.  Please leave a clear message on the answer phone at other times and we will get back to you as soon a possible.

S.E. Essex Police and your NHW team thank you for your support

The Top 5 Items Most Wanted by Thieves

Thieves look to steal goods they believe can be removed and sold-on easily, so your gadgets and valuables are rich pickings for them!

1. Portable Computing Devices
Laptop and tablet PC (iPad) theft nowadays is a significant risk.  They can be sold-on easily at a good price.  There are several methods to protect  your hardware that have been developed,  including alarms, laptop locks and visual  deterrents such as stickers or labels.  Importantly  be sure to register the serial number of your device  on Immobilise along with your postcode which can  be simply written on the back with a UV pen and  added to your account as an additional identifier.  It  is recommended that you configure a strong  password and also perform a full disk encryption  (FDE) to help protect sensitive data stored inside  your laptop or tablet PC.

2. Smart Phones
Smart phones are high on the list of things to steal  amongst thieves.  When registering your phone on  Immobilise include the IMEI number which can be  found easily by pressing the following keys on your  handset: * # 0 6 #.  This is your phones unique  number and the first thing police will check for  when recovering property.

3. Cash and Jewellery
Do not leave cash or jewellery lying around the  house making sure you keep valuables out of  sight, and where possible place them in a secure  place such as a safe.  The risk for burglars is  increased when your possessions link them to the  scene of a crime, consider taking photos and  engraving your jewellery when registering them on  Immobilise, as this will also aid the police in  identifying crime and returning property.

4. Bicycles
Invest in a quality D-Lock and be sure to register  your bicycles frame along with any pictures you  have on Immobilise.   We also recommend Radio  Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging which can  prove your ownership even if the frame number  has been removed by the thief.

5. Home Entertainment Systems
Many new home cinema-type HD and 3D  television sets are being stolen because they are  valuable, light-weight and common-place in most  UK homes.  Register the serial number of your  TV/DVD and audio equipment on Immobilise along  with your postcode which can be easily written on  the back with a UV pen.  Visual deterrents such as  stickers or labels will help to discourage theft by  letting thieves know your possessions are  traceable.

Telephone Scam

A recent report of a telephone scam by someone saying they were from Argos and asked for credit card details to pay the balance on an Xbox they supposedly had ordered.  Other people making similar calls could be heard in the background.  Please be on guard.

Mobile Phone Masts

Mobile phone masts provide radio pirates a perfect transmitting location and a free power source.  The pirates cause damage to mobile phone installations, steal power for their own aerials and cause widespread radio interference, sometimes even to emergency service frequencies.

Ofcom has requested information from the public concerning details of interference experienced (please state frequencies, timings and your own location, including post code).  Also for members of the public living near to mobile phone masts to phone the police immediately (999) if any suspicious behaviour is witnessed, stating timings, descriptions and any vehicle registrations.  These pirates should not be approached directly by members of the public.

Useful numbers

Trading Standards - Buy with confidence:
Consumer contact: 08454 04 05 06
Trade contact:         0845 603 76 26

Springboard Group - For small household repairs, trustworthy gardeners etc:  01702 545140

Alcoholics Anonymous - All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence: 0845 769 7555

Crimestoppers - For general information to police given anonymously:  0800 555111

Non emergency police number: 101