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10. The Generation Game & Smartphones

This gem from Penny’s keyboard starts with a somewhat personal aspect to it but your friendly editor will let his age and foibles hang out anyway! Here Penny continues to reveal her love-hate relationship with modern technology.  
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Lately I’ve found myself thinking about the old and the new. I know I’ve written a bit about my old fashioned views to do with the quality of film or even the quality of life in general but in this article I intend to discuss my thoughts (and inevitable frustrations) about some new technologies I’ve come into contact with recently and perhaps some insight into the workings of the human mind. Deep huh? I often have believed that a good film is made by a person with the love, passion and drive for a project to ultimately create the perfect result – and this also holds true in life in my opinion. If you try hard, amazing things will happen!

Yet, I have often found that when it comes to dealing with new things that the generation game always comes into play. No, not that game show we used to watch on Saturday Night. It’s my pet theory regarding how different people of all ages react to things, and why they do so. Depending on what age or generation you are a part of – you will always interpret things in a different way to the person standing next to you.

Using this theme I’m going to have a chat about the usual things that are on my mind and perhaps add a few new things for you guys to mull over. I’m going to chat about Smartphones, 3D, new films out, the analogue to digital switchover, BBFC certifications, the remakes/sequels I would commission right now if I had millions  and many things along the way that irritate me. Oh, and all of this will be saturated with my usual sarcasm and general annoyance with today’s society.

The inspiration for this piece arose when my editor forgot his mobile which made us getting together (when I forgot the location) a little difficult!  So it got me innocently thinking about how generations interpret things. For example:

* My editor’s generation didn’t have email or mobiles when he was younger and he relied on stationary technology to get in touch with people. It was non-urgent and long winded but I respect the non-dependency on technology and the encouragement on self reliance.

* My mother’s generation was similar but she has a mobile now and brings it with her whenever she remembers. She texts, but only very short answers normally e.g. ‘ok’ or something like that. Very to the point and quite hilarious when you get a message from her. She also just uses the phone for convenience and doesn’t care that her phone is a very old Samsung. It’s a phone, she doesn’t need the bells and whistles – she just wants a phone.

* My generation were normally introduced to phones in the very early teens. I’m quite adaptable to technology and know a lot about it but I often choose simplicity over everything. I have a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone but no smart-clue of how to access certain features. It’s not that I don’t know how to do it; it’s more of a ‘can’t be bothered’ kind of thing. I don’t need it, but it’d be fun to use when I have the time.

*My sister’s generation has a smartphone surgically attached to them (she’s twenty one) and normally it’s an iPhone – because you simply HAVE to have one these days to be cool. She has accessorised it, has added cool and current ‘music’ as a ring tone and other stuff on there I can’t even imagine. She’s on Facebook and most people her age are on Twitter because I assume they can’t be bothered talking to anyone in person anymore. Marriage vows will probably be in binary pretty soon.

* My niece’s generation (She’s four) will probably have an awesome bells and whistles phone by seven at least and will have a relationship with it for the rest of her life. I see that as weird, and I know others agree with me. I feel old for even saying that, and this makes me sad.

* My children will probably have a mobile phone assigned to them at birth, or I’ll end up growing one inside my womb.

So for these random reasons I have decided to discuss some new and old things that I love and hate. I hope you’ll join me in my investigations and I hope that you will join me in hating everything out there as much as possible.

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