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Public Speaking
Power Outages, Phones & Projectors
This Paper’s Contents:

PAPER EIGHT : Power Outages, Phones & Projectors - Continued

Watch out for Photos and Videos

For some reason people insist on adding photos to the on-screen presentation that are taken in dark conditions. Unless photos are high quality, with bright contrasting colours, they are often not visible on a large screen in a room that is not dark where a top quality daylight projector is not being used!

Also be careful if you introduce videos. It’s all very will to see the video in HD on a very high quality laptop screen, but check how it appears on the screen you’re having to work with that the audience is watching. Videos can also be very disappointing if you haven’t checked this.

Don’t be too Clever

After gazing at screens for many years I conclude that the old adage is still the best and it is applicable here: K.I.S.S. – keep it simple silly!

Too many colours and too many fonts just confuse. Sometimes the simplest of presentations works the best.

Set it up right

I suppose if we are dumped with setting up ourselves and we don’t have an audio-visual technician to do it for us, we should make the plea – please set it up right!

-  Don’t project on an angle so you have sloping sides or a sloping top edge (a major sin for purists like me!).
-  Try and use most of the screen if possible.
-  Make sure it is in focus.

Well, I’m sure there will be plenty of other things that we could throw in to this pile of thoughts, but these cover some of the main bases, I believe, so enjoy using the technology if you can.   Story tellers, you wasted your time if you read through this lot. Use of an OHP is largely a distraction when the audience has a raconteur in front of them!

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