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Beat the Burglar - Advice from Essex Police
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Crimestoppers Property Protector is still available online at only £14.99.

The most cost effective property protector to protect all your household processions, for ever.

Don’t fall victim, the Home Office recommends the marking and registration of your property, firstly as a deterrent against theft, and secondly to provide the police with the best opportunity to identify lost or stolen property, and to return it to its rightful owner.

 You are less likely to be a victim of burglary or property theft if you take crime prevention advice and use crime prevention solutions.

Crimestoppers Property Protector is an effective low cost Police Secured by Design  approved solution to deterring property theft.                                               
Crimestoppers Property Protector   5ml bottle solution
Warning window/door stickers
Mini warning labels
UV key fob torch - Watch your Crimestoppers Property Protector  marked products glow under UV light
Includes life time registration
No ongoing costs
Crimestoppers Property Protector is available online at only £14.99, including delivery, using discount code STAMP.(Available until 31st December 2012)


Working in partnership with Crimestoppers Trust, Crimestoppers Property Protector is Crimestoppers first product to further their crime-fighting goals, assisting the prevention and detection of crime and the return of stolen property to the rightful owner.

A donation from every Crimestoppers Property Protector pack purchased goes to support the charity CRIMESTOPPERS.
Stealth Mark Europe
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United Kingdom    

NW have passed with on to us from Essex Police
December 2012