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Review Article of the Month - December 2011
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Christmas Shopping in Rochford and Ashingdon

With only two weeks to go to Christmas, the obvious subject for this month’s ‘Review Page’ is Christmas shopping.  For the ‘big presents’ you may have gone further afield to places like Toys R Us , or even shopped online at such places as Amazon, but if you are still stuck for things to get that friend or family member, or find stocking fillers for the kids, the shops of Rochford and Ashingdon are a veritable gold mine - you just need to look.

If you are looking for basic odds and ends or stocking fillers, if it comes to sweets or ‘smellies’, there are a proliferation of stores and pharmacies just waiting to serve you. We are aware that there are some of us whose income is very limited and so secondhand is the name of the game. The various charity shops can be a source of almost new, clean looking games etc. so why pay a fortune for something new when the not quite new is a quarter of the price. But what about the more unusual presents? For some of these you may have to splash out some money.... but for a loved one???  But actually, on today’s prices, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to accumulate odds and ends that made up a treasure trove of presents. We’ve been out and looked around.

Our focus of this month’s article is on those shops that we’ve had dealings with over the past year and who you’ll find here on the pages of Rochford Life, and who have either stocked up for Christmas or who simply carry things that would make lovely presents. We’re just going to focus on six particular shops and send you to special Christmas pages we’ve set up for them.

For the basics of Christmas paper, cards and multitudes of odds and ends and children’s toys, you can’t do better than call in at Miss Daisy; the selection is good and not expensive.

For flowers, Christmas wreaths, and suchlike then of course Haynes in Rochford and The Flower Basket in Ashingdon are geared up to meet your requests.

Our prize for the small shop with what appears the greatest variety of gifts has got to go to  Bow Jangles in Rochford Square. Do go to her page and get some ideas.

For breathtaking beauty JJW Designs must come out on top. With a much tighter range of jewellery, much of it based on the beautiful Murano glass  from Venice, you will surely find something for the love of your life (which might even be just you!)  Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches and beautiful cuff links abound to give you great choice.

Now ladies, both of these two shops carry Shamballa Bracelets which appear to be this year’s absolute-must-have gift, and I’m told they are falling off the shelves at a tremendous pace, so if you want one.......

For more traditional jewellery - new and second hand - or watches, clocks etc. then a visit to Yeo’s in Rochford Square is well worth a visit. There is some beautiful jewellery around and not at exorbitant  prices.

Well, there we are. We hope we’ll have provided you with some ideas for this Christmas if you are still struggling.   As always, we have sought to bring to you parts of our community that we think could be particularly helpful to you at this time of the year.  Happy Christmas!

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