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Review Article of the Month - May 2012
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Eat, Drink & Be Merry

This month our review covers the eating places of Rochford and Ashingdon. Recently we heard a comment about “the night time economy of Rochford” referring to the number of eating places Rochford now has. But, actually, it’s not mostly the ‘night time economy that is the busiest. From our observation eating and drinking starts much earlier in the day!

Cafe Culture is found at the opposite ends of the area Rochford Life covers (the conurbation that is Rochford, Ashingdon and East Hawkwell) with two small cafes faithfully serving their early morning customers with breakfasts. At Golden Cross there is the Golden Cross Cafe and on the Southend Road near the airport and the Vulcan, is the Boleyn Cafe.  

Meanwhile in the centre of Rochford, Coffee Corner, the Beehive Tearooms and the Upper Crust Bakery all have their own early morning clientele. This is not to say that they’re only open in the early morning; you only have to go into each of them later in the day to ses this is not so. I often used the think that we were not like the culture of the U.S. where eating and drinking out abounds, but visits to any of these places suggests that perhaps we are not far behind.

Takeaways abound! For simple oriental takeaways you would no doubt choose the one nearest to you - Timbo House in West Street, K2 Balti House, Peking Garden and Golden Dragon on the Southend Road. While we’re on take away food, if its burgers, kebabs and pizzas you want, then the Rochford Takeaway in the Square is your place. Back to good old fashioned fish and chips for a takeaway? Again spoilt for choice: Munch Kings at Golden Cross, Flatley’s in North Street and Jacko’s on Ashingdon Road are all worth a visit.

For Eating-in, lunchtime and evening eating, we are spoilt for choice. For eating in at an Indian Restaurant you have the Taste of Raj, Monsoon and Regency Spice, all of which are worth a visit, depending on your preferences. For quality Chinese there is the Great Wall. (They all also do takeaway).

Quality English Eating-in has taken a big leap forward in recent months with the arrival to The Grey Goose in East Street (currently closed - Aug 2013), but if you want more than that either The Cherry Tree on the Stambridge Road or The Royal Oak at Stambridge take you way beyond usual ‘pub-food’. For good pub-food in Ashingdon there is The Victory Inn, and on the Southend Road, of course, there is The Ann Boleyn.

It is, of course, the recent arrival in Rochford of two Italian restaurants that have really started the eating talk going, Antica Roma in North Street and Alessandro’s in West Street. Again, both worth a visit.  

So there you are. We haven’t covered places dealing in sandwiches or cakes and we haven’t covered all the pubs, a number of whom do food. Restaurants tend to come and go sometimes and so if you know of an eating place, somewhere here in town that we haven’t covered, it may be because we’ve had difficulty making contact with them, so if you want to give them a nudge, our number is at the top of the page.  In the meantime, in our ongoing project to raise our awareness of the town that is Rochford, I think you’ll agree, if we want want a break from cooking at home and want food out, for a small town, we are definitely spoilt for choice. Happy eating!