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Public Speaking
The Simple Speech
This Paper’s Contents:

PAPER TWO : The Simple Speech - Continued (2)

On the page about after-dinner speaking you’ll find Gyles Brandreth recommending throwing away your notes sometimes. Obviously if you have to convey specific facts, you can’t speak ‘freestyle’ but often the best talks are the ones that ‘go live’ when
- You know your subject
- You’ve got your headings
- The audience starts to respond to you and go live
- You become more animated and really start ‘communicating’!
- They start joining in!

That last point challenges how confident you are. I once had a three quarters of an hour talk and was about half way in when a young man starting questioning what I said. I simply gave him an answer and then carried on. Before I had finished he had interrupted I think it was three times and three times I just gave answers and then carried on.

Afterwards the organiser of the meeting came up to me highly apologetic and when I replied that I hadn’t minded in the least – he was probably asking things that others hadn’t the courage to ask – she then said, well yes, it had really showed that I cared more about the audience than about performing. That has stayed with me!

If you’re really serious about improving your speaking skills:
- Ask a loved one or someone you trust to listen to your run through and comment.
- Listen to what they say and adjust it accordingly.
- Really risk it at work and ask a trusted colleague to listen to your talk/speech when you give it, and then afterwards be honest with you and say
- Where it was weak
- How it could be improved
- What was good about it.

THAT will really sharpen you up.!

8. Recap

Much of what we have said has been about you developing a right attitude and a confident, caring approach and then knowing your audience and then your subject. Enjoy!

And a closing thought from I’m not sure where:

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Now look back to the earlier part of this topic page and see how many things were said that fit this quote!

Let’s give the last word before you do that to Mark Twain:

"There are only two types of speakers in the world. 1. The nervous and 2. Liars.”

So don’t worry!

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