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Penny Glen’s Rants
The Generation Game
Part 2: Smart Phones
As always Penny comes up with the goods! Here is an information loaded article which I suspect will leave the older generation gasping and the younger generation saying, “What’s the problem?”
Be prepared to have your age revealed. Read on!
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Smartphones – Just what IS so smart about them?

A couple of months ago I was a very happy Penny. My two year contract with Orange had almost run its course and I was shopping around to try and find another, shinier phone to swop with my current and insubordinate Nokia touch-screen. I will admit I was looking at iPhones because people seem to have such good fun with them...but logic took over and I became interested in the other ‘smart-phone’ powerhouse that was the Samsung Galaxy series. It was big and had many, many wonders to behold – but first I had to find a network provider that would offer me the most brilliant deal in the world.

Orange rung me up to woo me, o2 offered me shiny things and even Vodafone tried their luck at enticing my fickle mind. I then decided to follow my father’s advice and made them work for it. I told them what I wanted, how much I wanted to pay and that I wanted a Samsung Galaxy SII (white). Plus a few bars of solid gold.

Realising that the last part was sarcasm, all three companies attempted to satisfy my wishes and eventually Orange came out on top again. So, here I am with a smart-phone and relatively no idea how to use it apart from Wi-Fi internet, sending messages and adding people’s contact information into the phones memory. It’s scary, it has a big screen and surely has many wonders that I haven’t unlocked yet. Anyone sharing my confusion?

I’ve looked up the phones specifications online and here’s what they say:
 Large screen, AMOLED display, HD output and awesome camera (9PX).
 Lots of memory, good sound and WAV/MP3 adaptable.
 Um, pretty standard phone jargon is coming up on the list so I’ll just say it’s pretty cool and it runs on the android network for apps and internet.
 It’s basically ‘smart’ because it’s a mini computer in phone form.
What on earth is wrong with people today? What happened to just having a phone and making calls on the go?

I think I’m displaying traits of an older generation here by saying all this, but I’d be happy with a phone and a laptop. People these days have an awesome computer phone, a tablet, the thinnest laptop in existence, mps3 players, handheld consoles etc.

Blimey, I guess I happen to be a simple girl with simple tastes in some aspects and cannot be pleased in others. Very strange indeed when I think about it.

So what are the best phones on the market these days?
 The upgrade to my phone – the Samsung Galaxy SIII has been recently released in the UK and just looks like a rounder version to my model. It seems to be just the same except for shape, display improvements and that voice activation software that the iPhone 4s has. The Samsung Galaxy Note (also an upgrade to mine) is half tablet and half phone – a hybrid if you will. It’s just got a bigger screen and is designed for office use – or for those who draw pretty pictures on paint. The Galaxy SII is still cool though.
 The iPhone 4 and the upgrade (4s) are supposed to be quite good. Almost everyone I know has one or has the desire to own one. I’ve always admired Apple’s advertising department and want to shake their hands whilst buying them a beer. It’s clever and they’ve almost made it like a little club you have to buy your way into to be cool. Their products are almost exactly like the others out there and I KNOW that they pioneered the smart-phone and everyone is copying but dude – would you want to pay a couple of hundred more pounds just for the brand and the apple logo on the back? I wouldn’t and I didn’t, but plenty of people are because I can admit their cleverness. If you want to get one, get one and I have no doubt that you’ll enjoy it. I’m just a bitter 24 year old with bad Apple experiences in my University days.
The most impressive feature it has is the language translator. You could be sitting with a French person, know none of the language but the iPhone translator and audio systems could allow you to have a chat with someone else in a different language with no effort whatsoever. Very impressive indeed.
 The Nokia Lumia is another of the ‘best’ phones out there this year but to be honest, I’ll never touch a Nokia again after two years with the last one. It doesn’t even look that good, but the guy I spoke to on Orange said it was awesome. Then again, he is a salesman.
 The HTC Evo 3d. Ugh, it’s a 3D model. I’m put off already. Although the Wildfire model seems to be the hot pick for me. Very similar looking to the Samsung Galaxy model, the one impressive feature it has a very large screen – on which to presumably watch videos and surf the Internet. Apart from Google Maps online, this is pure luxury that often compromises the most important feature a phone can have. An aerial. The legends of old (Wikipedia) tell us a story that the head designer of the original iPhone 4 was fired for this exact reason – that when left handed people used their phones to call someone, their finger would go over the aerial and stop the signal. A massive re-design and call backs for products were issued, but everyone seems to have forgotten this. I haven’t though, and apparently HTC haven’t either because they seem to have perfected the large screen and the phone capabilities with their new design. Score.
 Motorola Droid Razr. Motorola just cannot let the Razr model go, and this time they’ve upgraded it. Haven’t seen them around in a while to be honest, I think there a reason for that...they just can’t keep up with the two heavyweight Samsung and Apple offerings.
 The Google Nexus. Yay. A phone specifically designed by internet people. I doubt whether the primary focus (ringing people) was ever considered when making a mobile that dreams of being a laptop and online all the time.
 The Blackberry Bold. Those who love Blackberry will love it and the touch screen version of this model looks quite sleek and lovely. Not interested though, it’s just not for me. Although a friend of mind has one and always says once you go Black...Berry, you never go back.
So there you have it. If you’re going to go with one, my advice to you is:

A: Go with what you really want. Don’t get something just because everyone else has one. This is a sure recipe for disaster.

B: If you like the look of something just by glancing at it, go for it. It’s what I did with my Samsung Galaxy SII, and it was purely for aesthetic reasons. Big screen, big phone and pure awesomeness all around. Oh, and most of them have the same specifications apart from the iPhone and the separate Apple network, so whichever one you like the look of, it will do the same as every other smart-phone on the market thanks to what I call – aggressive competition.

Oh and C: guys, make sure you gets loads of Internet allowance. They really tend to do the nasty on you for that one. My sister always goes over her allowance for watching a few films and going on Facebook a few times a day. Trust me folks, they get their money any way they can.